Why hello,

This will be the first post on the Cuckoo’s Song Tea Blog.  I decided to start writing this blog as a way to plug into the online tea community and to share my thoughts and experiences of tea and tea drinking with anyone who finds themselves interested.  As you maybe can tell, I intend for this blog to focus mostly on  Chinese tea, particularly sheng puer.  This is for no particular reason other than this is the tea I purchase and drink the most, I imagine all sorts of teas will creep in here at some point.

I also intend for most entires to be fairly simple and straightforward.  While I may throw in some stray thoughts here and there, I would mostly like to share just my stream of consciousness experience of sitting with and paying attention to the day’s tea.

A little about me: I live in Colorado, have a graduate degree studying Buddhism, and have previously worked in a Chinese tea shop where I learned the nuts and bolts of tea and tea making.  I currently work an office job and have been collecting and drinking tea for two and a half years.  I have Gong fu whenever I’m able, and keep a gaiwan on my desk at work where I drink sheng, shu and Yunnan black teas mostly.

I hope you find something interesting in this blog, and I look forward to sharing with you.  For now I will leave you with a picture of my current tea area.

Best Regards,




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