2002 Little Yellow Mark, W2T

First up, the tea I happened to drink this morning: W2T’s Little Yellow Mark, a dark and fragrant little Zhong cha cake.  I was gifted the cake by a buddy trying to slim down his collection, he recalled that I liked the tea.  Quite a gift indeed… My thoughts while drinking, lightly edited and added to:


Dear lord, this is real tea. The storage is clean enough to make the LYM smooth like butter, and also dry enough to retain some of its tangy green sheng nature. Soup is the color of dark straw, going on deep red. If I push the leaves, there seems to be some smoke, and of course some bitterness, but the baseline here is sweet mahogany and honey. This tea strikes me as being a really good age right now, with its middle aged awkwardness fading, settling into maturity, but still with elements of what was probably its original character; wildflowers and dense grassy sweetness.

On the negative side of things is the aforementioned smoke. However, that seems to crest at steeps two and three and then eases off. Otherwise this tea is smooth sailing, easy to drink and fairly complex. It’s probably a good example of longer term dry storage.  Again, this seems like a great age and storage condition.  It’s obviously not cheap, but it’s also old sheng.  This is one of those teas that really paints a picture in my mind; in this case a dank, dark, secluded little forest.

Thats it for now, friends.  I appreciate your taking the time to read my tea-drunken ramblings.



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