2014 Bangbao Village, YS

Today’s notes:

Very clean, oily young tea. In addition to the pure, oily soup, the BBV is pungently floral, more so than most young sheng puers, in fact. There are notes of, well, Tie Guan Yin to be frank, but against the backdrop of a densely yellow sheng. I honestly don’t mind this, so long as it Remembers Who It Is, Simba, which it does. The mouth feels are no joke and there is real kuwei.


I’m gonna go out on a limb here and claim that young sheng is best to drink in its second and third years. I’ve noticed in the teas I’ve had recently that they seem to clear up after their first year, in which the teas can be more dirty and forward. The BBV has, in my opinion, transformed from a tea that was straightforwardly pungent and floral into a tea with real subtlety and depth, whilst not venturing yet into middle aged flavors which can feel awkward for many years before settling.


Really though, this is terrific tea with lots going on for it. Maybe I’m just having a good session, but I can’t really find any fault with this tea. I suppose there’s nothing MAGICAL about it, but there doesn’t really need to be… Magic is in the ordinary, not the extraordinary. It’s extraordinary already to sit here in a human body enjoying this little cup of plant-water from the other side of the planet, which by the way, is still going strong at almost a liter in. If it’s thinned out a little, the backbone of bitterness has stepped up to compensate. It’s nature is clearly buttery and floral, as it always has been, but the nature has been clarified, like there is no more confusion or pretension.

So yeah, overall a solid cake, at least for the time being. Gotta say I’d drink it again…

Signing off,



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